Louisiana’s Largest Basketball Training Facility for 10 Years

Beginners to College players. Professional coaches with no player favoritism.

 Check us out and you will be glad you did.

JUNE – GRADES 3 / 4 / 5, 9am-Noon

If you are part of the Spring Travel Teams I was asking for each player to find a week and sign up. To date I have about 20 players that have done so. Please look over schedule and choose a week. Players not part of Program are welcome as well.  Thanks

June 8-12 BALL HANDLING Skills will be advanced, not what we do in training. Goal is to get faster, stronger, more physical while handling the ball.
June 15-19 SHOOTING Series of set drills designed to improve the players ability to score the ball thru proper fundamentals. Will involve footwork improvement as well.
June 22-26 BIGS Drill and skill work that will enable our bigger players to actually act and play big. Smaller players are welcome as they too can learn to play inside.

JULY – GRADES 6 / 7 / 8, 9am-Noon

July 6-10 BALL HANDLING Skills will be advanced, not what we do in training. Goal is to get faster, stronger, more physical while handling the ball.
July 13-17 SHOOTING Series of set drills designed to improve the players ability to score the ball thru proper fundamentals. Will involve footwork improvement as well.
July 20-24 BIGS Drill and skill work that will enable our bigger players to actually act and play big. Smaller players are welcome as they too can learn to play inside.

15 players max per week / Sign up thru Charles Tracey / 150.00 cost pay thru Venmo

3 on 3 Basketball Summer Session

June / July / August / September

Teaching and Playing 3 on 3

• Pick and Roll

• Man Defense Techniques

• 1 on 1 moves

• Pocket Passing – Plus

“Best Program I do all year for Player Development.”


Welcome to Northshore Basketball Training Academy

We are a full Basketball Training Facility. We offer Training, Teams, Leagues, Camps, and Speed & Agility Conditioning. We are the largest Basketball Training Facility in the state and have been for 10 years. 

Bottom line, we are covered when it comes to Basketball and all of its training components.


We are a DEVELOPMENTAL BASKETBALL TRAINING FACILITY. If you are not already playing professionally, then you are developing your game. No matter how good or bad your game is-we can help.We currently have some 150+ players competing and training with us. Players come from as far as Mississippi and 5 surrounding parishes, from Beginners to College players. Professional coaches with no player favoritism. You come to us and we train you through a variety of methods no one or other organization can duplicate. Our focus is to train the player as an individual while playing on competitive teams.


Check us out and you will be glad you did.Welcome.  –  SIGN UP FOR A FREE CLASS


Excellent Coach

My son, who is now 13 years old, has been going to Charles Tracey for the past several years, off and on, when he is not playing baseball. The fact that we have entrusted him with our son is the only endorsement a parent needs to give. Charles is an excellent coach. He always explains the why in doing things. He will give constructive criticism when necessary, but never forgets to praise his athletes. As all kids are different, Charles seems to have figured out which buttons to press for each individual to get the most out of them. It is really quite remarkable. Finally, he does an excellent job wrapping up each practice with a talk to the kids that usually includes some type of life lesson. Coaches play such a big role in the development of our children, and Charles Tracey is committed to that–we are very fortunate to have him here on the Northshore. Thank you Charles for everything that you have done. You are very much appreciated.

Peter Blessey

Best training around!

Charles trains both of our girls. He is intense, motivational, enthusiastic, & knowledgeable. He knows where he wants a his players to be & exactly how to get them there. Our girls have grown so much as basketball players & overall people. Charles sets high expectations & his players meet them. Our girls know he is tough on them, but they also know how much he cares about them. His compliments go a long way! Thank you Coach for everything you do for our girls. We appreciate you. Your training is the absolute best!

Danielle G

Grit and Growth

The fundamentals are phenomenal and the grit being demanded is unmatched. My daughter has been with Coach Charles since she was seven. We are ten now, 3 on 3 is the way to teach the game, floor spacing and movement. This is the place to learn and grow in the game of basketball.

Amy W

Best training to improve confidence and mental toughness!

Charles’ training program has made my son the high school player he is today. Over the years he’s improved not only his skills but basketball IQ and mental and physical toughness. Charles’ direct approach was a perfect fit and built the confidence needed.

Michelle Davis

Building players into confident and skilled leaders!

The growth I have seen in my son has been immeasurable. He is usually the smallest out there, but Charles has shown him how to be a leader on the court with an amazing knowledge of the game. Charles pushes his kids to learn and do more than they think they can. He sets expectations, and accepts nothing less. I love watching him coach and seeing the results. Charles’ training is necessary for Sean to achieve the goals he has set. Go Titans!

Mandi Deano

Best training program around!

My daughter has been training with Charles for 18 months and her progress has exceeded our expectations. His developmental program is top notch and proven to work as long as you put in the work.
Not only that, my daughter has gained a lifelong mentor who will always be honest with her and help her become the best person she can be on and off the court.
We got way more than we expected with this program and we are forever grateful.

Jennifer C

The best there is!! Basketball and LIFE confidence and skills!

Charles Tracey is one of a kind! I send 2 out of 3 of my kiddos to train with him. The 3rd isn’t old enough! Of course, I send them for basketball training, which is top notch and has vastly improved my prior rec ball only daughter. She is playing on her high school team! My second child, got into the training early and is doing so well! They love Coach Charles and his witty style of hardcore training.

**BONUS** with your phenomenal basketball training you get life skills. My daughters have learned… you WORK for what you want. Not everyone gets the trophy! You want it you, work for it. You want to be better than someone else… Work for it. They have learned get tough and get over it! To me this is PRICELESS. He doesn’t tip toe around feelings, just like the real world doesn’t! He truly cares about his players and it makes my girls want to improve. He puts his time in and this makes them way to put their time in.

Courtney Zeller

Excellent Player Development & Growth

My daughter has been training with Charles for 4 years now. She started at 9 and is now 13, and as she starts her 8th grade year she is poised to be a team leader and start on her varsity team very young. Charles has developed her ball handling, shooting and constantly helps her improve her overall mechanics, and helped her be totally devoted to her game. Charles teaches that if you want to be better, then you need to put the work in, which applies to everything in life. Work hard and succeed. If you want your child to be the best basketball player they can become, this is the best place for them.

Shea Duet

Awesome training!

My 14-year-old son has been training with Charles Tracey since 6th grade, and his improvement has been phenomenal! This is the only place to come if your child wants to learn real basketball.

R. Rush

Best Training Ever!

My son has been with Charles for 3 years and I can’t even begin to tell you how much it has changed him
not only as a player but a person too! There’s so much more to basketball than just shooting the ball. Charles has an extensive program that will be sure to teach your child everything there is to know about the game. If you want to see your child improve and learn the max then contact Charles.

Heidi Lawrence

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    I agree that I will not hold Northshore Basketball Training Academy, Northshore Titans or Charles Tracey responsible for any injuries sustained or illness contracted while a participant at or on the premises of NSBBTC, LLC.

January 7th, 2023 Update

Friday night I went to a couple games, the last one was between SSA and Hannan varsity girls. I have been to many games but I have been to very few that made me as proud as this particular game did. Normally I would tell you that a basketball game rarely happens...

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November 10, 2022 Update

Parents as we start school n recreational season please spread the word to teammates and parents that you think could benefit from my program. You know by now who can and who can’t do my program, lol. Your help is greatly appreciated. I have attached a picture of the...

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Sept. 15, 2022 Update

Parents — please remember to have your child bring their ball to training.Training is getting a little more intense as some have commented. Yes, we are getting ready for tryouts & recreational teams. Your child has to apply the skills to the proper situation. We...

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Sept 3, 2022 Update

I say this all the time when parents tell me - my child needs to play baseball, softball, soccer, etc because of their size. Actually SIZE only matters if your child stinks or is lazy. Heart n commitment matters more than size.  

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Aug 26, 2022 Update

Ok guys several things.
First off, the 3 on 3 tournament I posted in covington for tomorrow- you don’t need a coach, a parent or for older groups basically no one other than a overseer for the team. Secondly I did not post earlier because the tourney organizer’s did not notify me. One of our parents notified me. Anyone can get in if you want. If your child is interested just comment name, grade n phone number below in comment section. maybe others will follow up n you can organize a team. I am not organizing any groups to play.

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Aug 8, 2022 Update

Parents — we are still at my gym this week. Kehoe tells me we should be good for Saturday 3 on 3 this weekend.Several parents have asked about signing up for Recreational Basketball. Yes, go ahead but do not trade the weekly training for recreational practice. If you...

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Aug 1, 2022 Update

Parents — we will be at my gym all week. (Kehoe is using their gym to store equipment)278 General Patton Suite 100 Mandeville, LA 70471The 6 o'clock class will start at 6:30 — this week only! This class will end at 7:45.For those returning from summer break, normal...

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7-7-22 Update

Parents several things- Your child is to wear the training or game jersey to training. If they don’t, they don’t scrimmage. I am getting many texts and calls, we are busy, kids are tired after a long day, vacations, etc, etc. I am doing 3 on 3 till September. School...

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