Parents several things-

Your child is to wear the training or game jersey to training. If they don’t, they don’t scrimmage. I am getting many texts and calls, we are busy, kids are tired after a long day, vacations, etc, etc. I am doing 3 on 3 till September. School teams and recreational teams start in October. I train your child 2 x’s a week, that is minimal actually almost nothing. If your child is going into 7,8,9th grade they need to be doing training. By 10th grade your child is either a ball handler, IQ’ed, rebounder, defender, tough or not. If those things are lacking that is going to be a problem. In 3 on 3 they see it, they don’t have to be told.

If I have learned anything in 57 years of life, I learned to allow people to learn what they are not without interference. They learn they actually are lacking in several areas.
The biggest n most often issue that will keep your child from playing is –
not tough enough n doesn’t compete.

That is all we are doing now. Our part of the northshore is fantastic to raise a family not the greatest place to raise tough n competitive kids.

I tell parents all the time with kids in 8,9,10th grade, yes your child is good but he or she is not tough enough. Those playing in jr high or high school may not be a better skilled player than your kid, but your kid is soft or a sissy. Mentally and physically. They need to be around tough people n situations.
If your kid is in 8,9,10th grade n not working 1.5 hours a day on their game, then they are not committed. Bottom line, being good or better than good takes sacrifice. You ain’t sacrificing in those grades, you don’t want it. Quit babying already soft kids. Sometimes the problem isn’t the player it is the players parents.

We are done with June n it went pretty well. We learned enough basic 1 on 1, 2 on 2 3 on 3 skills that we are actually scrimmaging during the week a little. When you come you will see emphasize “not running around” understand when they are needed n when they are not. Everything starts off 1 on 1, if that doesn’t work then we call for a pick, handoff, pass cut, etc. then that becomes 1 on 1 or a Two man game while the third player moves based on need.

Now all the above may seem confusing n it is. But it is real basketball, truest basketball n gives your child the greatest advantage versus other kids. Every possession, every pass, cut, dribble has to have purpose n consequences to their opponent. 3 on 3 is built to train the player to create advantages for themselves n their teams.

July we will be focusing on understanding how to create advantages n continuing the communication piece. now that they have a basic understanding of what I am looking for. Again there will be good days, bad days n absolutely pathetic days. Tuesday was a pathetic day, Wednesday was pretty good. Thursday is yet to be seen.

One thing you will see n hear over n over from me during the training is Pressure. Making sure your kid is roughing some kid up and making sure your kid is getting roughed up. I know one thing that works all the time to change games n opponents is getting up in your kids face and jock n causing distress. Ya I know it is a foul at Park n Coquille n your kids private school league but I also know that those leagues are just fun ball not real basketball. in high school they play real basketball. Being able to perform under immense pressure is the difference from being like everyone else n better than everyone else.

Now I understand if it is too much for some of the players n I get that. Just train during the week n don’t play on Saturdays. On Saturdays it is no holds barred butt kicking. You have to score the ball.

Listen I could go on with the hedging, site adjustments, ball moves, communication etc. 3 on 3 is the best thing I do all year. Travel ball is to make parents n kids happy n to keep kids from jumping to other programs. Ya I teach your kid basketball but but your kid isn’t truly talented enough to play full court 5 on 5 most likely. They can’t do a left handed layup with contact, they dribble with their head down, they don’t really communicate on the court, they can’t pick n roll properly, they use wrong pivot foot, etc, etc. These are things coaches kids n high end former players kids can do in 4th grade under pressure. 3 on 3 exposes all the issues n it is then up to your child to learn how to correct n fix it.

These 4 months are when players are made.

Marc’s Open Run will be Saturday around 12:30, those in 8/9/10th grade contact him by Friday morning.

This below photo says Toughness Travels or you can wear a dress. Your kids choice n even your coaches.