Ok guys several things.
First off, the 3 on 3 tournament I posted in covington for tomorrow- you don’t need a coach, a parent or for older groups basically no one other than a overseer for the team. Secondly I did not post earlier because the tourney organizer’s did not notify me. One of our parents notified me. Anyone can get in if you want. If your child is interested just comment name, grade n phone number below in comment section. maybe others will follow up n you can organize a team. I am not organizing any groups to play.
Training- right now we are focusing on ball handling and footwork, and select defensive components. During training the focus is on work ethic. Not just doing drills but becoming better at working properly to do drills better. Each rep should get better n better n better. Along with faster n faster n faster. Nothing less than that.
Not sure if your child has asked you but one of my conversations with the classes is this: Ask your parents if they are any good at their job or are they just there. Point being as I explain basketball teams n life to them. When they try out for teams or make a team- everyone can play basketball but only a couple are ANY GOOD. School teams have basketball players- everyone can play 2-3 maybe are good. What is your child working towards?
As I joke with the players at training I ask who their PE teacher is? They answer n then I tell them that person stinks. Reason being is your kids can’t do simple push ups. After 3 grade your kid should be able to do simple push-ups n sit-ups. They can’t as a group, now some can n they tend to be better because they are stronger, more coordinated. You want more for your kid like I do. Tell your kids PE coach you want your kid learning and doing sit-ups n push-ups in PE. That is a good start to anything in sports.
As we get players back n new players in, I will be moving players around. Parents remember, I train, who they train with is insignificant because each child is held to a different standard. That is why my program is different. Stop giving me advice on how to do this. I am doing way more than basketball with your child if you allow me to. This is a journey not a sprint.
We are still at my gym for training next week as the rain is killing progress at Kehoe on moving the portable units in. I will advise as things change.
I am looking to sell one of the goals at the gym. The 8th graders from SPS broke the seal at ground level from dunking on it one night n I had to take it down. It cost 2k. It is fully put together, professional, only needs to be anchored in cement. Contact me if interested. Picture below.
I am putting together another SCORING CLINIC. Group of 5-7 players to teach shooting to. I do this 4-5 times a year. Group trains on Sunday’s from 5-6:30, sometimes 5:30-7:00. Just depends. 8 weeks. Grades 6-9th. Mainly for maturer players with strength to properly shoot the ball. I had had 5th graders but they were special. Text me if interested. Cost is 550.00, broken down per hour n the fact I am personally teaching it, it is a steal. If I did this one on one, it would be far in excess of 550.00.
Lastly I am posting a tag for registration, I would greatly appreciate you sharing with friends. You are my greatest advertisement.
Parents for 6/7/8 graders, tryouts are coming up. Don’t wait till the week before. Jump in.
Lastly, end of month so parents check to see if you paid for August training, thank you.