Parents — we are still at my gym this week. Kehoe tells me we should be good for Saturday 3 on 3 this weekend.Several parents have asked about signing up for Recreational Basketball. Yes, go ahead but do not trade the weekly training for recreational practice. If you have practice on my training day, just come to a different training day with me. If all of that is too much, tell your coach you will make games and a couple of practices but do not sacrifice your training days with me for recreational practice.

Recreational ball is good for confidence. My training and Saturday games are good learning for real basketball and playing on junior high/high school teams. Remember, your child will be called for aggressive fouls in recreational ball; that is ok because in high school games those will just be “play on” moments.The most important time to learn basketball is 3rd-7th grade — those are the learning and understanding years of development. This is when I as a coach can mold you into something you might not normally be. What I am looking to do is make you into a basketball player, not some kid who plays basketball. Doing the proper skill or fundamental ~sometimes~ does not make you a basketball player, doing the proper skill or fundamental 9 out of 10 times makes you a basketball player. It is who you are.