Excellent Coach

My son, who is now 13 years old, has been going to Charles Tracey for the past several years, off and on, when he is not playing baseball. The fact that we have entrusted him with our son is the only endorsement a parent needs to give. Charles is an excellent coach. He always explains the why in doing things. He will give constructive criticism when necessary, but never forgets to praise his athletes. As all kids are different, Charles seems to have figured out which buttons to press for each individual to get the most out of them. It is really quite remarkable. Finally, he does an excellent job wrapping up each practice with a talk to the kids that usually includes some type of life lesson. Coaches play such a big role in the development of our children, and Charles Tracey is committed to that–we are very fortunate to have him here on the Northshore. Thank you Charles for everything that you have done. You are very much appreciated.

Peter Blessey