Below is the information on Friday Open Run. Friday Tomorrow has been filled. They have been contacted. If you plan on jumping in contact Marc for the other weeks. Not everyone will get in. For the more serious players.

Friday Night Open Run-
Marc will be running this Friday Night Program. Will be at Kehoe. This will be the breakdown.

6:30-7:45 { 7/8 grade }
8:00-9:15 { 9/10 grade }

This is part of June training, the grades are the ones your child is going into next year. You are still required to attend training during the week. Friday is extra.

This is not a come in throw balls against the backboard n play 5 on 5. It will be instructive training. If you goof around you will get thrown out. Wear your jersey or don’t come.

Contact Marc Robertson (985) 789-7130

n he will fill your child in, not all players will be accepted. For the few 11 graders they are eligible if they so choose.

7/8 graders will be required to participate in Saturday 3 on 3 games as well. Can’t do Friday only.


Ok Summer Time – your kid is hanging out with friends. Bring a friend to training. I just talked to a kid who is jumping in. I asked him why is it taking so long for him to get to me. He said he was scared of me. I asked why now then, he said he is not good n his friend is. I told him jump in and that it wasn’t his fault, it was his parents. Toughen you kid up before it is to late. Your kid doesn’t know any better that is why he or she has parents- for guidance. Just cause you are chicken doesn’t mean your kid has to be.

On that note I watched some our 7/8 graders play Wednesday in a league at SPS with other schools. My kids don’t play scared. We scare your kid.