I am an expert in basketball training / development as well as having the ability to advance players to their basketball goals. I can tell you what your child’s future holds and if they will play High School and or College ball when your child is in 4th grade. Of course, that can change as the players desire changes along the way, but size and athleticism has only as much a factor in the success as the player lets it. Anything can be overcome with enough work and dedication. Not everyone’s goal is college, some just want a good Junior High and or High School career. Some just want to learn the sport. I have done all of it and have the ability to help your child’s goal. I can tell you one thing, PARENTS not coaches do more to ruin a player’s chances of success than anything else. Let me handle the process and let you as parents, be your child’s biggest supporter. I tell parents all the time, yes, your coach may not be great but your child is not Lebron James. You have a choice in where your child learns basketball. I fully SUPPORT Pelican Park, Coquille and School Ball but that alone is not going to get you prepared for Junior High and High School Basketball unless their Parent is a Highly Highly capable basketball trainer. I realize there have been players and are now players that did only those avenues of basketball and are playing in Junior High and High School and I can tell you most likely they are more athletic than skilled or bigger and meaner than most. I can also tell you our local High School teams struggle because they don’t have BIG players. This area’s BIG kids quit basketball at a young age because of the way recreation and school ball treated and coached them. Everyone wants the little athletic aggressive players. They are easier to coach. Unfortunately, a lot of them stay small. Big slow kid quit and end up 6’5 in High School not playing while the 5th grade school team stud is still 5’8 and not trained and quits after 8th grade. I have trained Biddy Nat’l Champions, Junior High Parish Champions, Private School Champions, Junior High MVP’s, High School MVP’s, District MVP’s, High School State Selections and High School State Champions as well as State MVP’s. Some were destined to be great because they were Big, Mean, Athletic, Fast, Intelligent, Hardworking and had Great DNA- those were easy to make great. The vast majority are like your child, normal. All they wanted was a chance to be great so they became so. What makes this so special is that myself and my trainers mentored, trained, counseled, build just average grade school players into their dreams, we don’t take them in 8/9 grade and throw our name on them. We build them from the beginning.

As I stated before – come see me, Make up your mind after a few training sessions. I will give your child the best chance for success. I will be honest with you and your child; I will be fair with you and your child. I am going to train your child like he or she is my child. Coaches kids are usually better than others, their child has an advantage. Their parent has a ton of knowledge and insight. I will do the same for your child. This is very personal to me, the success of your child. No one has done it better, longer or more successful than myself, there is a reason. I look forward to meeting you.