Training Schedule

Updated Schedules

2019 – 2020 Training Schedule:

6:00PM3rd, 4th, 5thBeginners3rd, 4th, 5thBeginners
7:00PM5th, 6th, 7th4th, 5th, 6th – Boys/Girls5th, 6th, 7th4th, 5th, 6th – Boys/Girls
8:00PM7th, 8th, 9th6th – 9th – Girls7th, 8th, 9th6th – 9th – Girls

2019 – 2020 Games Schedule:

Saturday: Sunday:
Game times will be announced at the end of each week. Personal Training

I train Monday thru Thursday; you get 2 days a week and Saturday games when they are scheduled.

Your child is placed in classes based on skill not age or grade. I am an EXPERT in evaluation and what is best for your child.

Your child is placed in classes based on skill not age or grade. I am an EXPERT in evaluation and what is best for your child.

Payment is due by 10th of every month.

September thru December- Training and Team Games

June thru August- 3 on 3 Summer Program and Weekly Summer Camps

This is my 4th facility and where and what I should be have been doing all along.

I train kids to be much better basketball players and hopefully people that coaches want to coach.

I prefer the average player who wants to be great. They are my passion, having players achieve far more than they or their parents and friends ever thought possible. My ability to get players to understand I believe in them and they believe in me is the difference. Parents don’t always get me, but their kids do. Earning something thru hard work, commitment, sweat, tears of joy and pain, understanding passion, putting yourself out there for all to see, being challenged, succeeding and failing are all things plus more your child will experience with me. At the end of the road it is about what you put in not what you want. 

I train elite athletes as well, making them great in Junior High and High school is easy. Setting realistic goals with the parents is the challenge. Always amazes me that parents who in 4th grade knew nothing about basketball all of a sudden become Phil Jackson is 8th grade.

For players who want to do Elite Travel Ball, I am part of Louisiana Titans and we have many Elite Travel Teams. On that team there are no guarantees of playing time. Different type of ball. We win and winning is the Goal on this team.

When my teams are put together, I put them together with many different factors in mind. I go grade first but I play players down in grade as well as playing them up in grade. My first concern and last concern and only concern is player development. We win some and we lose more. I use games to evaluate player development. We do games between our own team as well as outside teams. I have players in High School that start and star on their school team as well as in their District that rarely won games with me. No Junior High or High School or College coach cares if you and your 4,5,6,7,8, grade team won anything. What those coaches want is a complete tough-minded, coachable player.  In my program your child will rebound, handle the ball, shoot and hopefully score the ball, be the team leader, be the team cheerleader, be the enforcer on the team and understand that their team won or loss because of their individual play.  Every game is a lesson. Everybody wants to be good, being good carries a lot of weight and accountability. Get ready for it. Your child over time will hear me tell them “Today we will lose by 30 if you stink as our leader and play poorly, 15 if you lead and play so so and WIN if you’re a stud and carry and lead you team”. My goal is to get every player in this situation as often as possible. My best and this area’s best players have come from this scenario. This is a process that takes time.

My Teams don’t play Zone Defense EVER.

My Teams don’t Trap on Defense.