Friday night I went to a couple games, the last one was between SSA and Hannan varsity girls. I have been to many games but I have been to very few that made me as proud as this particular game did. Normally I would tell you that a basketball game rarely happens between SSA and Hannan, one usually has a couple of players and routes the other team or it is a close game between two terrible girl teams. This year it is vastly different. Both teams have good coaches and each team has a cluster of dry young girls who are basketball players not girls who play basketball. Big difference, today I was with a boys coach friend n I thought of his phrase, ” my high school boys team can play basketball but they just are not basketball players”. Last night at Hannan a real basketball game broke out, not a girls game but a real basketball game between two talented girl coaches and a cluster of basketball players. I found my self pretty stunned. I got in trouble for coming home late, I told my girl friend the game started at 6:00 n I would be home by 6:50 at the latest. I would watch a half yell at my girls before half and roll home. Last night I got home around 8:15. The last minute, lasted 20 minutes. It was a real game, a referee who is a personal friend of mine, on the way out the gym, stopped and said congratulations n do not say a word but great job to any of those girls on either team. He said it was a pleasure reffing that game. That would have been enough, usually is when refs congratulates me on one or two of my girls. But this night was different because as proud as I was of the 3 girls on each team, I was more proud of how proud their parents were, watching their girls play and act and expecting differently than the others. That feeling comes from your son or daughter doing things differently than others. Emilee and Addison have been mine for years, Cecilia for 3 years, twins and Victoria just a year or so. But they all played and acted like their lives depended on the outcome. You see just a couple or one player can change others. Emilee and Addison can change you, run your lazy ass off or drag you up to where all that matters is winning. That was the difference last night, Cecilia told me she was battling some type ailment for the last several days, I kissed her, I said i don’t care get in better conditioning, told Emily and addison they are white and not Steph Curry, told Victoria screw Emilee and addison want the ball when it matters, told the twins congratulations on making a difference in Hannan basketball. You see they know I love them but they also know I watch their parents live and die with their every move. You pay me and my trainers to make your child the best, I really this – so you can walk in any gym with your chest out because your child has made a sacrifice others didn’t. Shortly everyone in the gym will see it. Players jobs are- Parents are first, impress me second, the player is third. They know that. So congratulations to the coaches and the parents. You sacrifice a lot, congratulations to my 6, you truly impressed me, the officials n everyone there. lastly get back in the gym. You are not good enough. Don’t be the norm, don’t regret anything.