Ok let’s try this again:
Friday night open run at Kehoe with Marc.
You have to contact Marc personally so he can slot you in. It is NOT I just show up and play. We will only have a certain number of players.
6/7 grade 6:45-8:00
8/9/10 grade 8:10- 9:30
7/8/9/10 girls you can jump in as well, but call Marc.
Easiest way to get better is plays boys. Period, Marc will slot you accordingly.
If you are relatively new to program this might not be for you right now, especially 6/7 graders. Marc will let you know..
Lastly on Friday it “No Fouls”, “put an arm on your guy and intimidate them style of ball”. Attitude is created, you don’t get it from doing soft things. We are teaching high school ball not recreational ball. Just score it n go play defense