The best there is!! Basketball and LIFE confidence and skills!

Charles Tracey is one of a kind! I send 2 out of 3 of my kiddos to train with him. The 3rd isn’t old enough! Of course, I send them for basketball training, which is top notch and has vastly improved my prior rec ball only daughter. She is playing on her high school team! My second child, got into the training early and is doing so well! They love Coach Charles and his witty style of hardcore training.

**BONUS** with your phenomenal basketball training you get life skills. My daughters have learned… you WORK for what you want. Not everyone gets the trophy! You want it you, work for it. You want to be better than someone else… Work for it. They have learned get tough and get over it! To me this is PRICELESS. He doesn’t tip toe around feelings, just like the real world doesn’t! He truly cares about his players and it makes my girls want to improve. He puts his time in and this makes them way to put their time in.

Courtney Zeller