Parents this week I want to talk to you about Teamwork n Being the Best Player or at least trying. I see in articles in publications, on FB and Twitter etc. these high profile college coaches emphasizing teamwork, being a good teammate. That is important n something we should all strive to be. I want to add a twist to it n tell you another side of this. Nick Saban, Coach K, etc all talk about looking for good teammates when they look at players and they do, after they look to see who is the BEST. These guys are not recruiting team players they are recruiting the best players period. They give snipits in press conferences to sound good, to get a softer side of themselves out there. Make no mistake they are not recruiting the 4th best player on a high school team because he or she is a good teammate. I see a FB posts that comes out all the time on Gino Arieama of Connecticut saying at a press conference he looks for good teammates n that is true after he recruited 6 studs. If he had all great teammates he would be coaching junior high n not have 8 plus National Championships.

With that all said, here is my spin n what I want to include into being a good teammate. Yes we want great teammates but being a great teammate is also about handling your business in training and in games. Being the best man or best woman on the court you can be. Being the vocal leader some parents don’t like because you jump on their kid for not handling their business. doing the dirty work no one else does, setting expectations for success, not taking excuses. That plus more is being a good teammate. I train n my expectation for your child is just that – being ACCOUNTABLE. No excuses. That expectation over time leads to something in my experiences. Means something to coaches n bosses. Sets a standard that on my worst day, this is what I will deliver to my coach, team n .teammates. These kids don’t get enough of people like me or this. I tell them all the time I am only like this on the court, in real life I am a pretty decent guy. If I like you.

The 3 on 3 training is built this way, there are so many options your child has to process. Some are very correct, some are very wrong. So as you come to watch ask your child- did you deliver for your team. Did you handle the person you guarded, did you rebound, did you make good decisions, etc.
Lastly don’t watch the ball, watch the other two players and see how they Space the court, how they interact with the other player without the ball, how the move with out the ball. That is what makes the ball if they one on one doesn’t work.
Being a good teammate has many angles, I am pushing your child to be the BEST he or she can be. That is being a good teammate as well.

There are 5 openings for next weeks Mix Camp- ball handling, shooting, Bigs. Text me to get in.

There will be NO Open Run this Friday, coach Marc is out. I will be putting out times n players later today. 7/8 graders will be included for Saturday 3 on 3.