Ok a recap from our meeting Saturday. Thank you for all who attended. Hopefully it was beneficial. This is real simple I will post 3 photos. One is a recap sheet, one is a 2021 Summer Camp sheet n one is just a sheet for those parents wanting shooting lessons for their kids. I don’t do personal shooting. I do a 5wk group session. Next one is in March n already half full.
I need a Registration form on everyone who trains at my facility. I will pass out at training.
My group will train 2 x a week with me, play on Saturday’s n in occasional Saturday n Sunday tournaments. Will also train one day on a full court once everyone settles in.
Jason’s travel teams can train with me as well if they plan on playing Saturday’s when not in tournaments.
If your are playing with the Titans, your child must choose 1 summer camp wk. you can do multiple weeks but everyone will do at least one. Week needs to be chosen by February 27th.
Payment is by Venmo n please in info line state child’s name n week chosen.
Everyone needs a uniform from Prep Fan. This is done by our website, please use. Choose number you wish. Need top n bottom.
I will put your child in the day n time needed. Your child’s training may change as we have more players jump in as teams n seasons come to a close.
If your child plays Biddy come as you can n jump back in full time when it ends. High School players do the same as your season ends. High schools will need to pick a summer camp week as well. The 11-1:00 time slots are yours.
Some players will play on multiple teams.
Each player must know the offensive, defensive, press breaks, n transition breaks in order to play. For the next several Saturday’s we will be working on these at Kehoe France. Make plans to attend. I will post times by Thursday.
We are getting rolling today, I will hand out registration forms.
Lastly I will also hand out my fb, website, Instagram info. Everyone needs to check these sites for daily, weekly updates for anything.