Parents as we start school n recreational season please spread the word to teammates and parents that you think could benefit from my program. You know by now who can and who can’t do my program, lol. Your help is greatly appreciated.
I have attached a picture of the 8th grade Hannan Hawks boys basketball team. All but one are Titans n not all ever played or trained on the same teams with us. Each are individuals that took different routes to get where they are. Now they will be molded into one team. Hopefully if Errol isn’t a dummy, he will let them go back to their Titan training and travel teams once their season is over n continue their individual development to his programs benefit. Take your child to see one of their games. Win or lose you walk away impressed with the intensity, skill n commitment the boys show. They are not important in the program till sophomores most likely. Some no matter how good the 8th grade team is, will never play varsity. Just how life and sports go. You ask how do you know that works, well when done this way you get a cycle of players that lead their teams to high levels of success. St. Paul’s for 3 or 4 straight years has been top 1,2,3,4 ranked in the state consistently n Hannan won the state championship last year. That cycle of about 23 players went thru the process of different training n different teams. Playing together only for school.
The second picture is of our latest Scoring Clinic Players. 8 weeks of Sundays working on improving their shot, shot selection and shot mentally. It went well although at times I threatened to kixx a couple for not working on the task at hand. Scoring the ball is a structured process, physically n mentally that goes in a particular order. Can’t skip steps and can’t fake it. Next Clinic starts in February. 8 per clinic, 550.00 dollars for grades 6th-9th.
Northshore and Southshore AAU / YBOA Travel Team Tryouts for 2023 for Louisiana Titans
November 20 and December 4
Country Day High School
Hannan High School
5 grade 1:00-1:50
6 grade 2:00-2:50
7 grade 3:00-3:50
8 grade 4:00-4:50
Bring Birth Certificates, One School Report card and basketball.
Tryouts for our high school teams will take place after high school season.
For our girls on northshore and part of the Titan family. I will put teams together for those already in program. For those girls interested in joking please text me to get started. We will have a
4/5 grade
6/7 grade
8/9 grade
9 grade
10 grade
11 grade.
We will have a set tourney schedule for these teams. Schedule will be out late November. Once you make the team you will be required to make those games as plan to only have 8/9 players per team. We will have multiple teams per grade. In addition I will still do just Saturday games for those interested n ones not making travel teams. We will play locally as well as New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Training schedule will be out in January, will be training days as well as team days.
Season will be from February thru July, younger teams may end in June.
Lastly about travel teams, tournaments are usually 2 times a month for those wanting to play other hobbies n may have conflicts. 2 weekends basketball, 2 weekends what ever other hobby.
Flier attached. I will be conducting camp, will still teach but will be focused on fun. Lol, great for new players playing recreational or school ball. Spread the word, and for those moms and dads who constantly share my fliers with friends on social media, I thank see you and thank you. I take that personal n will make sure I pay it back to you.
Lastly, check out a PodCast I am on with a good friend Shawn Burst. I trained Shawns son Caleb. The Podcast is about my business. We cover how I got started, my up bringing n my dad thinking I was gay, lol to parents and sports. We pretty much cover a ton. The Podcast is called Marketing Box n Shawn and his team run a first class operation. Here is the link.