Parents I need players 30 minutes before game times at a minimum, always. Wherever we go please be kind enough to pick up after yourselves in the gyms. I need to be better with our players on the bench. Not to mention and I would think no one would leave trash in parking lot. Saturday night I picked up half a garbage can in the lot of Crescent City High School. Cost of tournaments is high, I get it. Referee fees went up, gym cost went up, security went up, we pay clock people, insurance went up. So it is basically 10 dollars a day for games, n I try to keep tourney fees to 25 or 30 a player for tourneys n 10-15 dollars for Saturday League Play.
You know what hasn’t gone up? my Fee for Training, been 150.00 a month for 8 years. With that said please check n see if you have paid for March training, this past week tourney fee, 1WEEK SUMMER CAMP. I will be checking those freshman or below who have not done so will be asked to do so immediately or just leave the program. One of my many flaws, I let you walk over me for a while then I just cut your HExX off. But I am ok with it.
If you are training at Kehoe or my gym, the monthly fee is 150.00 a month.
SCORING CLINIC- I am starting a new session
APRIL 9th for 7/8/9 graders. Will go for 8 weeks. 90 minutes. At my gym on Hwy 59. Cost is 550.00. Broken out by hour is cheaper than anybody doing this that is any good. Plus I will bring you back when needed for refresh if you need it. Why do you I think I am pretty good. In 20 years I have about 30 players scoring over 1000 points up to 1500, 1800, 2500. I have 8 in high school now that will reach 1300 plus if a couple will stop listening to want to be internet shooting coaches n just do what I have taught them, so I don’t have to keep fixing their shot. There is no perfect shot, you work it the best you can for consistency. 3/4 of scoring the ball is not shooting, it is mental n footwork. Check out the video of Jeremiah and his shot now. Doing good n will modify it some as he gets older, bigger n stronger. Text me. 985-377-4185, 7 players per session.
Lastly some accomplishments from our high school n younger players. Easily 4 District Champions with Titans leading their teams, 2 State Champions- one pretty much all Titans other with several, Biddy National Champions- Along with Miss Biddy, An All American, and a Miss Biddy Round The World Champion from the same team, 15 All District Players, 5 Team MVP’s, Biddy Boys All Americans, so on so on son with Junior high school teams n championships.